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Targeted Sourcing

Often an organization will enlist our help in filling multiple positions at one time.  These roles could range from senior sales reps and pre sales engineers in a particular geographical territory, to multiple management roles that span the entire US.  Even though these organizations may already have productive internal recruiting arms, their internal system can become overwhelmed with the amount of openings that need immediate attention.  For these types of unique projects Corporate Information Systems can offer our Targeted Sourcing approach.

With the help of our experienced in house research department our Targeted Sourcing offering allows a company with these needs to attract qualified candidates in volume.  Once the target candidate profile is created our research department will focus their efforts on finding multiple candidates in various locations that fit that profile.  A client will then receive multiple qualified candidates on a weekly basis.  For each profile candidate identified, the client will receive a complete recruiting package which, along with their credentials, will include a detailed candidate bio that will highlight their accomplishments and why they are a fit for your role.

Once submitted, the client’s internal recruiting team will guide the candidate through the steps in their hiring process.

Our Targeted Sourcing offering can effectively compliment your own internal recruiting efforts, and can alleviate the cost of paying separate fees for numerous hires. Since this offering is structured as an monthly contract, there are no back end placement fees or additional expenses.  The client receives the same targeted, comprehensive research that we offer with Executive Search but with a more palatable price point.  With Target Sourcing a client will receive both Quality & Quantity.

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