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For certain companies what’s needed is a defined roadmap for success. Over the years many organizations have failed to realize their true potential due to a lack of a well-defined strategic plan and the subsequent failed execution of that plan. Today just having a cool software solution is not enough. Through a thorough examination of your company’s goals and objectives, Corporate Information Systems can help you identify your company’s strengths & weaknesses and map out a systemic approach to success.

For these clients we offer Recruitment Consulting services to help create candidate selection profiles, build out effective recruiting process models and implement strategies to align your company branding in the marketplace, to the best available talent in the industry. Hiring and retention is crucial to the sustained growth of any company. Our Recruitment Consulting offering can give you the 360° view you need to differentiate your company from the thousands of others competing for the same top talent.

Our hands on approach coupled with a painstaking effort to make your company’s recruiting experience a success and time well spent. It’s here that the foundation of success will be laid for your company’s future growth. Here are some of the ways our Consulting Services can help your organization achieve its short term and long term business initiatives.

CIS Consulting Offerings – Bringing about Change

Sales Consulting
Sales Consulting
Sales Consulting


“The ONLY thing you want from a recruiter is a GREAT OUTCOME and ideal hire that fits the culture and is highly capable. Carmine is serious and careful and he and his team pay attention to the requirements of the business and find the best slate of candidates – then they work hard to qualify the person and negotiate the comp plan. They will also build out the sales team – not just the top job.”

Jeanne Mariani Sullivan, Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, Sullivan Adventures

 “CIS has been critical to my success in building out industry leading sales teams. Jim has the network to deliver the top performers in tough geographies. I would highly recommend that if you want the best, work with CIS.”

Frank Maylett, Executive leader with a proven record of driving exceptional growth and success for technology companies

“Being in a role of constantly interviewing people for sales positions, I have always been able to count on Tony for being straightforward and honest with me when it comes to the candidates he represents He never tries to put a candidate in front of me that was not a good match or that was not prepared for our meeting. He is genuinely a pleasure to work with.”

Sam Brown, Cross Brand Sales Manager, IBM

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