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The best candidates for your most challenging positions do not have online resumes, visit networking sites, or actively market themselves. They are the elite of the elite. At Corporate Information Systems we fill these types of positions by utilizing a non-traditional candidate recruiting strategy.

Built over four decades, our own network of sales professionals has always been an invaluable resource in gaining access to the A+ players that few others can get to. This coupled with a focused recruiting strategy results in our client’s ability to attract that Key Hire that most recruiters don’t even know exist.

We will work with you to develop a customized branding of your company’s offering that will entice that Key Hire to engage. After tailoring a specific recruiting message, we will draw on our extensive experience in speaking to the motivations of these exceptional software sales candidates to deliver your message with laser focus. Your most challenging positions deserve the highest level of attention, resources and experience that our KeyHire Search can provide.

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