The Critical Difference

Do You Really Need Another Recruiter

We hear it all the time, as a High-Tech Sales Professional you are flooded with calls from recruiters promising greener pastures and golden opportunities. Yet, at the end of the day, it’s just another “telemarketing” call to lure you into changing jobs. It’s tiresome, annoying, and in many cases, a waste of your time. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why Are We The Best?

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The Critical Difference

CIS focuses on forging a business relationship with you. We’re not interested in “recruiting” you but instead understanding what’s important to you. Our trained Account Executives recognize that there is more to you than your quota attainment and your W-2. Assessing your technical and sales strengths is the easy part. Our mission is to partner with you. We spend time to get to know who you are and what you are really looking for. Then, when the timing is right, we work with you to provide career advice and opportunities that offer true benefits and not empty promises. Our thirty year reputation hinges on our ability to uncover the very best positions that fulfill all of your career objectives. This insures a “cultural” fit along with the opportunity to achieve your financial and career goals. If you’re serious about your next move, you owe it to yourself to experience the critical difference. THE CIS DIFFERENCE….

Our Experience is Your Gain

When you work with CIS, you are joining forces with The High-Tech Sales Recruiting Specialists. Over the last three decades we have created alliances with the leaders in the industry and we know the companies you want! Our clients span the hi-tech spectrum and we have a pulse on what’s hot. From the emerging pre-IPO hi-tech firms to the Fortune 200, CIS has relationships with key decision-makers across the board. Our years of solidifying these relationships enable us to get you through their doors confidentially and discretely. When you partner with CIS, you have entrée to companies our competitors have yet to uncover. Our vast network of opportunities will help you land the right position. And… our experienced Account Executives have the training to help you close the most important deal of all… your next career move.

Compensation Packages

Our candidates report that the offers they accept from our clients are the most competitive and lucrative in the industry. We have years of experience negotiating innovative packages that are “back-loaded” and tailor made for superior performers. Our expertise has enabled our candidates to reap the financial benefits of significant equity “plays”… solidifying a solid financial future for years to come. Again, just one of many reasons why CIS is the critical difference. Contact one of our experienced Account Executives, and let’s see what the future holds.

Search Process

Since 1987, CIS has consistently outperformed its competition and has risen to the top of the placement industry. Why? The CIS search process entails many steps to ensure that we match talented candidates with appropriate employers.

Defining Requirements
At CIS, every search begins with a thorough review or update on all aspects of a client’s industry. We familiarize ourselves with the client’s overall goals and objectives, business philosophy, organizational structure, and management style as we learn the specifics of the position to be filled.

Creating the Position Specifications
Our specialized expertise often helps clients clearly define the specific qualifications, demands, and responsibilities of a new position. We develop position specifications, which establish the search parameters for client approval and subsequent dissemination to prospective candidates.

Targeting Appropriate Candidates
Through extensive research, previous experience with appropriate candidates, and contacts within the industry, CIS develops an impressive roster of potential candidates and recruitment targets.

Developing Positive Leads
Taking full advantage of the strength of our resources, which include a vast database, a far-reaching network of contacts and referrals within a particular technology or industry–CIS generates the leads that identify promising candidates who might otherwise be overlooked or assumed to be unavailable. Furthermore, these resources provide us with reliable and comprehensive evaluations of the identified candidates.

Screening Prospective Candidates
Candidates whose qualifications and experience match the position specifications are further screened by CIS to determine their compatibility with the client’s overall objectives, business approach, style and expectations.

Presenting Qualified Candidates
CIS develops a detailed presentation for the client which includes profiling each screened candidate’s current position, responsibilities, background, experience, education and accomplishments.

Interviewing of Candidates by Clients
After reviewing the CIS presentation of qualified candidates, the client selects those with whom interviews are to be scheduled.

Interfacing Between Candidates and Clients
After a finalist has been selected and mutual interest expressed, CIS analyzes the relative positions of the client and candidate, and consults with them to develop a mutual agreement. As an objective intermediary, we amplify for the client, information pertaining to the candidate’s leadership abilities, integrity, technical competence, and sales performance. In addition, we reaffirm to the candidate the client’s corporate position and goals, the new position’s financial rewards, growth potential, and opportunities for career advancement.

Negotiating the Best Offer
CIS clients often take advantage of our broad experience and objectivity when seeking ways to structure an offer that is appropriate for the position as well as attractive to the finalist. CIS often assists in mediating significant details of the final agreement.

Follow-up Procedures
CIS maintains contact with both the client and the candidate after the placement to ensure that all aspects of the new relationship are satisfactory.

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